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2024 AVA Conference
Call For Papers

This year’s theme, ‘Harmony in Voice – Bridging Art and Science’ is a unique opportunity to interpret and discuss the intersection between the voice as a physical phenomenon and its impact on both the arts and the artist. The human voice is uniquely physiological, psychological, biosocial, and creative. At a time when science offers a greater understanding of how the voice functions, we find ourselves at a crossroads of traditional pedagogy and practice integrated with current analysis and research. The outcome is a more advanced understanding of how we link and deliver the artistic and scientific disciplines of the voice. At this year’s conference we will investigate this dynamic field through multiple artistic and scientific perspectives.


Aside from exciting Keynote and Invited speakers, the AVA board want you, our voice professionals, to contribute to what will be our biggest conference yet!

Terms and Conditions

Presentations will be either oral or poster format, to be determined by the AVA conference Scientific Committee. The Scientific Committee delivering the program will review abstracts suitable for presentation at the conference based on scientific validity and subject relevance and they will be published in the conference handbook. Their decision will be final. By submitting an abstract, authors acknowledge they may be required to present on either the Saturday or Sunday of the conference.

Abstract Format & Topic

Abstracts must be a maximum of 250 words and include the following:

  1. Short Title (max 20 words)

  2. Authors'Names (nominate the presenting author)

  3. Structure with the headings:
    - background
    - methods
    - results
    - conclusions
    - primary references (two key references advised)

  4. Presenting author's contact details (including institution, address, email and telephone)

  5. Preferred presentation format (oral presentation or poster presentation)

Abstracts are to be submitted via our online portal under one of the following headings:

  • Performance voice

  • Occupational voice

  • Acting voice and dialect

  • Corporate voice and public speaking 

  • Pedagogy (singing, choral, spoken) 

  • Voice assessment (perceptual and instrumental) 

  • Laryngeal imaging 

  • Voice therapy 

  • Laryngeal surgery (phonosurgery and related surgical interventions) 

  • Vocal health 

  • Medical management of voice 

  • Musculoskeletal approaches to voice care 

  • Outcome and voice-related quality of life measurement in voice & related laryngeal conditions 

  • Neurological voice conditions 

  • Transgender voice 

  • Voice changes across the lifespan (children, aged) 

  • Complementary medicine 

  • Multi-disciplinary approaches to voice    

  • If your abstract does not fit into these categories, use the "other" category.

Key Dates

31 July

14 August

14 September

5 October

Abstract Submissions Close

Submitting authors will be notified of acceptance/non-acceptance into conference program via email

All presenting authors must have registered and paid for their attendance to the conference

Conference commences

Oral Presentations

Oral Presentations will be allocated fifteen (15) minutes; consisting of twelve (12) minutes to present plus three (3) minutes to answer questions. The scientific committee at its discretion may allocate more or less time for presentations. Papers should be presented using PowerPoint projection (16:9 size). Overheads will not be permitted. Video presentations of interesting cases will need to be provided prior to the conference.

Please bring your presentation PowerPoint slides on a memory stick to the audio-visual speaker's preparation room on arrival at the conference for loading onto the conference laptop computers. Please also bring a back-up of your presentation on a separate memory stick in case of presentation failure.

Poster Presentations

  • All presenters are required to provide their poster to the registration desk prior to morning tea on Saturday 5th October, 2024.

  • Please prepare your poster A1 size (594mm W x 841mm H, portrait style). 

  • Authors are responsible for collecting their poster upon departure from the conference. Posters not collected will be disposed of and the AVA will not accept responsibility for returning posters that have not been collected.

  • All presenters must be registered for the conference.

  • Poster session timing is still to be confirmed and may be on the Saturday or Sunday, with further details to be provided when applicants are notified of their successful submissions.

  • The Convenors invite poster presenters to be available by their poster during this time, if they wish. 

  • If the accepted poster author is not able to present their poster in person, please contact the AVA as soon as possible.

Posters should include:

  • author and co-author's names

  • a short title

  • the name of the institution where the work was carried out

  • abstract

  • background

  • methods

  • results

  • conclusions

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Submit Your Abstract Today!

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