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Useful Links

Access external resources to assist you in your business and personal voice care journey.


Members get access to free webinars, available at a click of a button.


Useful Links

Educational Links

The AVA is in the process of developing local educational resources for our members. In the meantime we would like to suggest the following educational resources which may be of use to members.

Voice Medicine Website

American Speech-Language-Hearing Association

EMedicine Laryngology Section

Duke Medicine - Voice Conditions


NIDCD - Voice, Speech and Language Section

If you have any other suggested educational links please submit to us via the comments section


Members receive exclusive access to our Webinar Archives. A list of our available webinars are below.

Free Webinars:

"Out Sung": Developing a strong and healthy vocal practice for the professional voice - Dr Heather Fletcher and Samantha U'Ren

Second-Chance Webinars (available at small fee):

Neurological Voice Disorders: Causes, Assessment, & Treatment - Dr Amanda Richards, Dr Belinda Cruse, & Dr Nicole Free

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